At last, Tous Les Jours is coming to Cambodia!

A team of 18 top Korean and Korean-trained Khmer pastry chefs and bakers had an early start this morning to prepare almost 300 fully decorated cakes, pastries, breads, savory pies and cookies for the last of 3 giant tastings held tonight at the Tous les Jours Bakery flagship store on Monivong, which opens for business next Saturday Nov 3.

Tous les Jours (which means “every day” in French) is Korea’s leading, authentic euro-style bakery and the first of its kind in Cambodia. The specially designed store allows customers to watch chefs produce everything from the signature TLJ croissant, to healthy, rustic multi grain breads, to fancy cream cakes exquisitely decorated before your eyes. TLJ will serve daily-baked premium breads, cakes and pastries and coffee from 6am to 10pm every day.

Top Cambodian entrepreneurs Sila Chy and Sokly Kouch are behind the launch of this much loved global brand into the Kingdom. “We love the quality and authenticity of Tous les Jours brand and recipes and we know Cambodian customers will fall in love with the tastes too.” says Mr Kouch. “We plan to rollout 5 more stores before June 2013.” he says.

Tous les Jours is a big franchise success story in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, USA, Malaysia, Philippines and of course Korea.  There are more than 1800 Tous les Jours bakery cafes around the world, and the brand has been endorsed by K-pop and film stars like Rain and Wonbi.

Fans of the brand in other markets are so devoted they post videos of unboxing their favourite shaped fresh cream cakes – like the famous Apple Cake and Rose Cake – and blog their favourite stores and displays.

“Korean expats have told us that the thing they miss most about home is the smell of baking bread when they step inside their local Tous les Jours to pick up their morning croissant,” says Mr Chy. “We want to stay faithful to that experience, and the quality too” ,  he says.  “We’ve had top Korean chefs working side by side with our Khmer bakers for the last 5months. They’ll stay on for a while after the opening on November 3, 2012 to ensure success”.

Everyone will have the chance to experience the unique store and the baked delights within from  Saturday November 3 at 6am when doors open at Monivong Boulevard, in the former Vimean Tep Cinema. There’ll be plenty of chance to taste fresh bakery, play games and win prizes.