Khmer Food Village

Home is where the heart is. And at the heart of every Cambodian home is our food.

In every village across 24 provinces, home cooks preserve and continue the unique traditions and authentic flavors we’ve grown up with and that have nourished generations of Khmer.

This is the inspiration behind Khmer Food Village. We bring together the flavors and recipes from villages and provinces around the country under one roof, each served from small shop fronts around a bustling central open kitchen. We buy local, market-fresh produce every day so that our cooks can skillfully create more than 100 authentic, regional dishes right before your eyes.

Cambodians from all walks of life and from every province come to experience the flavours they love – from Sihanouk Province grilled seafood to Siem Reap-style lemongrass infused chicken and Svey Rieng wok vegetables. Fragrant herbs grow fresh on our kitchen garden wall. A traditional ice cream cart serves cool delights made famous in the heydays of the 60s. The sights and sounds of village life are all around. And, as ever, the bountiful river rolls past to the sea.

And if you’re new to Cambodian food, or visiting Phnom Penh for a short time, there is no better place to discover and sample all the exotic fresh tastes and true Cambodian hospitality in a clean, comfortable and unique destination, right here on the banks of the Mekong, Phnom Penh.

Whether you are from around here or just visiting, welcome home!